Zaful Wishlist

As you all know, I discovered Zaful a while back on my page. It's very similar to other online shopping sites, but like I've mentioned on before, what attracts me the most to this page is their huge selection of styles. You can go from classic, to basic necessities, to streetstyle all in one page. And the best thing is it's always affordable! So to prove my point, I've made this wishlist with various items of different styles, all found on the page. Zaful even reached out to me and sent me a coupon code (which you can find at the bottom of the post). Enjoy!

1. Badge Patched Lantern Sleeve Sweatshirt - Ginger. Since fall is already here, I chose this color because I feel like warm yellow/mustard/ochre tones are perfect for autumn, and it looks especially great in places where there is still the occasional warm day, so it also works as a perfect transition tone. They even have a yellow sweatshirt section you can check out if bell sleeves aren't your cup of tea.

2. Striped Tank Top And Belted Pants - Light Blue. Ok, super contradicting with my last choice but I just loooove the color palette on this one. Besides, the great thing is that you can totally makes this a fall outfit with a beige coat, or you can ditch the tank top and go for a cropped sweater, which still keeps the business casual/day out ready look intact.

3. Layered Sleeve Scalloped Embroidered Blouse - White. Embroidery has been trending for a while, and to be honest I think it can be either a hit or miss. However, I chose this blouse because I feel like it's just perfect, not fill with too many ornaments, and also the right balance of colours that you can wear it on a casual day or a more formal occasion.

4. Short Sleeve Ruffle T-Shirt - Light Pink. While this is a T shirt, I love the detail of the ruffles and definitely think it gives it a little extra flair - definitely perfect to be worn on the daily or a simple night out with friends. And the pink is gorgeous, I've been obsessed with this tone for quite some time now.

That's about it from me, but you can still go to Zaful and check out the rest of their clothes, and don't be surprised if you see me wearing any of these items in the future, hahaha.

From Zaful:
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