Valentine's Wishlist

I know people have polarising opinions regarding Valentine's Day, but personally I find it's a great holiday if you decide to enjoy it. The weather is finally decent, and you can spend the whole day with people you love eating food, what can be better? So, taking into account the Zaful Valentine's Day Sale I have decided to make another wishlist with them. The idea for this one is to try and go ahead and choose different styles and clothing whatever your plans are you can find something that fits you.

1. Belted Wrap Stripes Mini Dress. This is more of a relaxed daytime look, because hey, if you're single that shouldn't stop you from going out with friends and having brunch all together.

2. Padded Knotted Thong Bikini. Maybe you're all judging me for this choice because duh, February, but hey if you really hate Valentine's and you just wanna be alone, why not go to a sunny beach by yourself and enjoy your own company? Plus, bikinis are actually a part of the Zaful Valentine's Day 2018 event, so I say knock yourself out.

3. Backless Mini Slip Dress. Clearly a little bit more oriented towards towards a romantic first date, or maybe if you style it correctly you can guide it towards clubbing, or hey, maybe even a Posh Spice costume.

4. Tied Printed Cut Out Mini Dress. A bit more relaxed, and can definitely hover between daytime casual date or lunch with your friends.

So these are my favorite picks, but you can check out the rest of the items that are perfect for the occasion on the Zaful Valentine's Day Sale - they have a whole range of products from swimwear to dresses, accessories and even a male selection (which admittedly grabbed my attention). 

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