If you know me in real life, you're probably aware that I'm constantly making playlists. I make them about anything an everything, specific moods, feelings, situations I'm going through, for friends' parties, I even have a specific playlist for when I'm driving alone in my car (or with people, who cares). The gist of this is, I love making playlists, and I wanna start using my 8tracks again, so I decided that I wanna start posting a playlist at the end of every month, based on songs that I have on my mind. Most of the time songs come and go but others stick in my head for a long time so I make playlists with those songs so I can listen to them from time to time. Here are the songs from January. There's some new songs from artists I recently discovered, some that have been out for a while, and others that are pretty old now. Enjoy!