The Rest Is Noise

Rocking the obvious "I live in 100+ degree weather and have a uniform at school" arm tan.



I think I'm going crazy because I legitimately wondered for a second how to make a post, or maybe I need sleep, I'm not sure. So, I don't know, I think this may be the most "personal" monthly playlist I've made so far (as if I've made enough so far). The moment I finished it up I realized how accurate it was haha, what can I say, it's been a really weird month. Hope you guys like, and if you do, please check out my other playlists too! I'm 100% sure those are cooler than these are, or at least that's what I want to think.



My schedule is tight as hell this semester but thankfully that hasn't stopped me from playlist making. Is it a blessing or a curse for you guys though? I have no idea, so tell me what you think about this one. Uploading it I realized it was half angry/bittersweet songs and half happy lovey-dovey ones, and I think somehow that sums up my February perfectly. Also I put two songs from the same artists twice, rock on me. Tell me what you think, or better yet, talk about your month! Extra points if you can describe your February with songs/music genres/whatever people use to clasify music nowadays.



If you know me in real life, you're probably aware that I'm constantly making playlists. I make them about anything an everything, specific moods, feelings, situations I'm going through, for friends' parties, I even have a specific playlist for when I'm driving alone in my car (or with people, who cares). The gist of this is, I love making playlists, and I wanna start using my 8tracks again, so I decided that I wanna start posting a playlist at the end of every month, based on songs that I have on my mind. Most of the time songs come and go but others stick in my head for a long time so I make playlists with those songs so I can listen to them from time to time. Here are the songs from January. There's some new songs from artists I recently discovered, some that have been out for a while, and others that are pretty old now. Enjoy!