Free Shipping & 12/12 Sales Promotion From DressLily

Coupon: 12DL12

DressLily is a global fashion online shopping site, selling Fashion Dresses, Home Decoration and AccessorieS.
Recently, DressLily reached me via email, stated that they are offering an up to 90% off discount
and free shipping for any price range instead of Free shipping above $39. It is right at the moment,
I was frustrated because I want special Christmas decoration from others, and I assume that peopl
may wonder how’s the quality when are they’re relatively cheap, then I decided to give it a shot.
The shipping is mailed quickly, which is faster than similar kinds of sites. The moment I got my package,
I realized I have to share my experiences with everyone.

DressLily not only provided a 25% off coupon and apply free shipping to World Wide.
But also a celebrated activity for 12/12, two purchase for $19.99 by any of the following products.
These promotions are only available between 12th -17th Dec. Personally, I do not usually online shopping
from an email advertisement, whereas DressLily gave me a great experience of online shopping at a
reasonable price! Here is what I purchased from DressLily.com and can’t wait to try them because
they are so cute! I am going to stop writing here because I really need to outline how to decorate my
house with the Christmas items I got from them.

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       $17.8  $15.3                                   $14.05  $11.55
Recommend Rating ★★★★★                       Recommend Rating ★★★★


Sleeveless Tartan Skater Dress                           Vintage Printed Flare Dress            
    $14.05  $11.55                                    $21.36  $16.36

Recommend Rating ★★★★                          Recommend Rating ★★★★


PromShopAU: more than just a prom dress

Whether it's prom, a wedding or any social event, one of the most frustrating dilemmas for us girls us always what the perfect dress will be for us to wear. Special occasions always require a special dress, and with so many options available it's easy to just have no idea where to check out clothing, especially when an occasion may require a very specific dress code.
Enter PromShopAU, an online store specialised in developing and selling wedding dresses (even short wedding dresses), bridesmaid dresses, party dresses, royal blue bridesmaid dresses and other special occasion dresses. One of their goals is to offer the best dress at the best price to customers all over the world. They offer some of the best quality internationally, so you will be amazed every time you open a package from them. It's definitely a site that caught my attention due to the huge catalogue of dresses they offer, but another great thing that comes from them is that there is a huge diversity in the styles of dresses they offer. Often times websites that offers formal or special occasion dresses tend to have one specific style in all of their products. Here however, I can see how they are totally tailored to cater to a wide range of audiences even when you're looking for a specific dress. You can go beaded long puffy tulle dresses to silky slim simple designs. Another great thing is that they have tons of categories that vary by the occasion you're going to, making it much easier to look for options. And the best thing? There's a wide range of plus size selections too! The best thing personally for me is coming across this website now since I'm actually planning on going on a wedding soon so I will definitely be browsing around for a while.


Valentine's Wishlist

I know people have polarising opinions regarding Valentine's Day, but personally I find it's a great holiday if you decide to enjoy it. The weather is finally decent, and you can spend the whole day with people you love eating food, what can be better? So, taking into account the Zaful Valentine's Day Sale I have decided to make another wishlist with them. The idea for this one is to try and go ahead and choose different styles and clothing whatever your plans are you can find something that fits you.

1. Belted Wrap Stripes Mini Dress. This is more of a relaxed daytime look, because hey, if you're single that shouldn't stop you from going out with friends and having brunch all together.

2. Padded Knotted Thong Bikini. Maybe you're all judging me for this choice because duh, February, but hey if you really hate Valentine's and you just wanna be alone, why not go to a sunny beach by yourself and enjoy your own company? Plus, bikinis are actually a part of the Zaful Valentine's Day 2018 event, so I say knock yourself out.

3. Backless Mini Slip Dress. Clearly a little bit more oriented towards towards a romantic first date, or maybe if you style it correctly you can guide it towards clubbing, or hey, maybe even a Posh Spice costume.

4. Tied Printed Cut Out Mini Dress. A bit more relaxed, and can definitely hover between daytime casual date or lunch with your friends.

So these are my favorite picks, but you can check out the rest of the items that are perfect for the occasion on the Zaful Valentine's Day Sale - they have a whole range of products from swimwear to dresses, accessories and even a male selection (which admittedly grabbed my attention). 


Time to Join Yoins

I've told you guys some other times about this great website I found that has affordable clothing but is also super stylish. I'm talking about Yoins! This is the second time I've mentioned them on this blog.

Yoins was created with the objetive of inspiring people to follow and curate their own personal style, while also trying to give all of us young aspiring fashionistas high quality fashion at an affordable price. If you're looking for a website with clothes that allow you to exhibit your individuality and uniqueness, since clothes are basically what tells so much about us, that is actually what makes Yoins perfect, because it makes sure to give us all the new trends that are on the market.

If your personal style goals are to move away from the crowds, to stop following the herd, and to start expressing who you really are, the this website is the place for you. They go through a great selective process for their pieces and styles, so that way they can manage to bring together the best styles and trends not only from the beloved street style we all love to scour on Instagram, but also the ones we find on the catwalks and runways. Right now they are having a fashion tops online sale, in which you can definitely see what I'm talking about. Another interesting feature is how they can rework them to create comfortable, high quality, fashionable clothing, and to bring them to us at an affordable price.

I personally recommend looking at their stylish womens sweaters online, it's perfect for the cold weather we're going to start having, and who knows, you might even find a nice Christmas present for someone with their Yoins Black Friday and Cyber Monday events coming up!