Dresslily Wishlist

Fashionable Zipper and Tie Up Design Women's Short Boots Leisure Metal and Zipper Design Women's Sandals Stylish Black and Criss-Cross Design Women's Flat Shoes

One of the boldest moves (and possibly the only one) I have made this year is to move away from home to come study to Mexico City. And while so far it's been great, I know understand all the jokes college students make about being poor and more specifically living on ramen. I've come to find that in a career choice like mine, graphic design, it can definitely be hard to save up money for one simple reason: art supplies are pricey as fuck. The only thing I can say I 100% miss about having money more easily is that I could browse around online and if I saw something I really, really liked then I could probably get the money by saving up in one or two weeks. That however isn't an option anymore. I recently stumbled upon this website called Dresslily and while I know I won't buy some of the stuff anywhere in the near future, I wanted to share these because they are definitely what I would get in an instant. I know that since they're dresses, the first choices are kinda weird to pick but I fell in looove with their vintage section (even though I'm not one of those people who only wears vintage). I thought all the dresses were so lovely, I had a hard time choosing favorites!