What I actually look like every day of my life. Don't let my posed pictures fool you.
On a night of many to come, a beautiful woman was born. She was very outgoing, nice and had a great sense of style! Unfortunately for you, that beautiful person is my cousin, who inspired me ("commanded me", "helped me through the beginning", etc.) to start this blog in the first place. So all in all, that was my main reason to start this blog: a nice comment from a family member about how my style was just soooo cool that I should blog about the best outfits I wear. Sorry about the lack of epiphanies and  premonitions where I was the next Tavi Gevinson (although if the position ever opens up, sign me up, please). I do love fashion, though, do not get fooled, and I shamelessly admire Tavi, who is probably the only 'famous' fashion blogger I can say inspires me (it's true that the best blogs are the ones made by 'normal' people). This blog was also made thanks to:
  • The 12 year-old that used to draw "fashion" designs (quotation marks needed because my doodles were awful) in her little notebook still lives inside me and just needs to continue to ramble on about what she thinks is stylish and what is completely trashy.
  • My constant need to blog. For real, I've gone from YouTube, to Flickr, to Polyvore, to Tumblr to Blogger. I didn't choose the blogging life, it took me.
  • My inability to leave any project or hobby unexplored. Me and my cousin made one post on the blog and never really planned any more, but I couldn't bare to just leave it untouched. I have an obsession with finishing everything I start, so enjoy this blog, I'll probably be posting on my deathbed!
So that's pretty much it. For now.

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