Through The Velvet Black

I look a little bit ridiculous in some of these pictures, but I thought in a way they were kind of funny. The backstory of my seeming fits of laughter stem from the fact that my boyfriend was visiting me in Mexico City and for some reason I just couldn't keep it together, even though I'm the one who asked him for the pictures. By the way, isn't the scenery beautiful? I'm in Bosque de Chapultepec, a "park" in near the center of the city with tons of museums, lakes, activities, and even a freaking castle, a theme park and zoo in it (and I put "park" in quotes because forest, like the name says, would be a more appropriate name for it). It's nearly double the size of Central Park, and honestly, if you're planning a spring break vacation, you should definitely consider coming! Mexico City is fantastic and you could legit spend like three days just in Bosque de Chapultepec. So fuck the 45th's slander and visit Mexico people!

ALSO! Major shoutout to my boyfriend. I know my bag isn't so clear in the pictures, but it's the mini Avery tote by Rebecca Minkoff! They were having an online sample sale and I started gushing to him how much I love her handbags, next thing I know two weeks pass and he bought me one of my favorite models as a birthday present. The best thing is that he chose the style and color without asking, and he hit the nail on the head. True love, people. True love.

zaful necklace and top | pacsun jeans | rebecca minkoff bag (similar color)

#literallyme some days.


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