Late Fall

PLEASE DON'T ASK HOW LONG I'VE HAD THESE PICTURES READY TO UPLOAD. The answer is way longer than I should have and I'm definitely not proud about it, lol. So this is a pretty laid back outfit but I wanted to show off my top that I got from Zaful because I'm in love with it. I think it has that type of flair where you can either use it for something really casual to a semi-formal kind of gathering. Maybe next post I'll try to prove my theory by wearing something more elaborate. I was actually initially thinking about going with a less casual outfit but I went to the MODO museum in La Roma and if you've ever used public transport in Mexico City than you know sneakers are a must, especially if you're gonna be out all day. I also didn't picture my bag because I was still debating on taking an actual handbag or a backpack ('cause you know, gotta be safe when you're riding the metro). But! You can see my attempts at highlighting and contouring my face, lord knows the fact that I haven't been able to properly master either annoys me every time I do my makeup. Baby steps, baby steps.

zaful top | tommy hilfiger jacket | zara sneakers


  1. gorgeous look!
    And Happy Newyear!



  2. Love the comfy and casual look,
    Don't worry girl, I'm a beginner when it comes
    to contouring and using highlight,
    let's high five♥



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